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Thread: What is SEO Co-Citation?

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    What is SEO Co-Citation?

    Hi friends,
    Just heard about this new term but didn't know much about it. What exactly is so called SEO Co-Citation? please share

    your feedback.

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    Co-citation is future of Google SEO!

    According to rule of cocitation, you don't have to use anchor text.. just brand name would work.
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    Co-citation refers to the process of link building without actual links.Co-citation does not necessarily have to involve actual outgoing links to your website or blog.
    More precisely, the process of co-citation refers to the similarities found between two webpages, based on a third-party webpage that successfully mentions the first two webpages in a correlation with each other. Based on that co-citation, Google identifies a relation – or link – between those two websites, which is then used as an important search engine-ranking factor.

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    Co-Citation comes when one or more site could be identified by any single web page or site. Google simply analyzes the different back link profiles of top ten or twenty ranking websites to the source authoritative hub websites commonly called as the common links or in other words co-citations

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    When anyone gives your content’s link such as article link, blog link, site link, infographic link etc. in their content then the value of your content will automatically increase in the Google eye as well as also increase link popularity. This is called as Co-Citation.

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    actually i am still in doubt about SEO Co-citation..

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    I am also........not clear about this. In-fact 1st time i hear this word.

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    This topic has been discussed a lot many times when Google introduces new anti spam updates. This helps to link to authorise websites and ignore those bad links of neighbourhood. For more you can visit http://www.searchenginejournal.com/s...usiness/65870/

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    That's great. Co-citation is a bit tricky topic that does not provide any accurate info.
    What i know about this is it just deals about using the keyword frequency and the long tail keywords.
    My advise on this basis is:
    Link to good quality websites - that has high authority, that does not buy bulk linkbacks from other sites.
    Especially it is important to notify that the site you are linking to does not have any bad neighborhood links.

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