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Thread: What is the variable interpolation in PHP?

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    What is the variable interpolation in PHP?

    Hello Guys,
    Please let me help to know that What is the variable interpolation in PHP? please share you feedback on this.
    Thank for any reply.

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    Is this a question you have on homework?

    Variable interpolation is basically just using a variable in a string or expression.

    PHP Code:
    $first_name "John";
    $last_name "Doe";

    $fn_count strlen($first_name);
    $ln_count strlen($last_name);

    "Hello {$first_name} {$last name}.  Your first name contains {$fn_count} character and your last name contains {$ln_count} characters."

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    PHP supplies many ways to use variables within strings, including interpolation within double-quoted and "heredoc" strings. Read all about it in the manual page on the string type.
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    In computer programming, variable interpolation is the process of evaluating an expression or string literal containing one or more variables, yielding a result in which the variables are replaced with their corresponding values in memory. It is a specialized instance of concatenation.

    Languages that support variable interpolation include Perl, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, Groovy, and most Unix shells. In these languages, variable interpolation only occurs when the string literal is double-quoted, but not when it is single-quoted. The variables are recognized because variables start with a sigil (typically "$") in these languages.

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