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Thread: Editing wordpress plugin

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    Editing wordpress plugin

    I am using classipress (a classified ads script for wordpress) with this theme I am using post filter plugin, but I am facing problem this plugin filtering posts but not filtering ads when I checked the difference between post and ads in my phpmyadmin (option in cpanel) there is a column named "post_type" in this column posts have name "post" pages have "page" and ads have "ad_listing". please tell me what thing I have to change in this function to make this plugin able to filter ads.
    function checkPost($post_id){
    global $wpdb;
    $bad_words = $this->options['keywords'];
    $check_in = array('post_content','post_title','post_

    $post = get_post($post_id);


    foreach($check_in as $field_name){
    $content = mb_strtolower($post->{$field_name});
    foreach($bad_words as $word){
    $result = wp_delete_post($post_id,$this->options['
    break 2;

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    It helps if you try the user forums for classipress on modding and if you have to post here, use the forum tags that are for PHP so that code gets wrapped and colour coded to make it readable.

    Your post also indicates that you have edited part of the script out which does not help people who may be inclined to help you.
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