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Thread: prototype bind

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    prototype bind

    Function.prototype.bind = function() {
        var __method = this;
        var args = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);
        var object=args.shift();
        return function() {
            return __method.apply(object,
    i just dont know what use of args.concat(Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments)) , i assume that is arguments which pass to apply .

    but when i use this, i got confuse .
         function func() {
    	    var args=Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);
    		var object = args.shift();
    	 func(1,2,3);     //  2,3,1,2,3

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    I think you're confusing yourself, here.

    Function.prototype.bind, in your example, returns a new function. That function applies a "this" value (first arg of .bind()) to your old function. It passes the extra (arg 2, 3, etc) arguments that were sent to .bind(), at the time it was bound, plus (args.concat) the arguments that the user invoked it with.

    If you invoke .bind() with only one argument, then you will see no extra arguments in your function.

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