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Thread: non-functionning js on one site but not the other...

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    non-functionning js on one site but not the other...

    I am currently using javascript to open pop-up calculator windows on a website. The javascript functions fine when on my "test" site here:


    but when moved to the clients server, with the path to CalcParams.js properly modified, the javascript no longer works:


    any insight would be appreciated. thanks, Don.

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    The way you uploaded the page to the server without any line breaks, it's introduced a syntax error in your JavaScript for the window open code where there's no ending ";" in the code that sets the window parameters. Best to get in the habit of always using a ";" to terminate your lines in JavaScript so you won't run into this problem again.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Thanks! really appreciate your help.

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