Hey all i am using code from http://takien.github.io/jPushMenu/

It works good BUT once the menu is slid out and i scroll all the way down to the bottom-and keep scrolling it actually starts to scroll the main page.

I have set up a preview in jsfiddle of this to better grasp what i am talking about.


I have already tried:
But that does not seem to disable it from scrolling...

I found some [jquery code that disables scrolling (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3...ng-with-jquery) for the whole page but that wont work since i need to be able to scroll in the menu panel.

I am using this for a mobile app using Phonegap and Jquery Mobile. And yes, i do know that Jquery mobile has a "slide panel" but it doesn't work well.

What would i be missing?