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    Cool Web Developer for Hire

    Hello fellows of webdeveloper.

    My name is Fordyce, I'm a web developer located at Indonesia. I'm looking for any outsource projects/remote work regarding web development.

    I have 3+ years experience developing web application, all of my portfolios can be found here: http://forddyce.github.io/portfolio/

    Basically I have built around 6+ web application (that I was allowed to put into my portfolio). Most using Laravel+AngularJS framework.

    My coding skills can be found here:

    Major skills include PHP, Blade Templating, SCSS(CSS)+Coffee(JS). I have my own workflow using Gulp (including minifying assets, browserify, etc2, all of which can be found in my github repo of my portfolio: https://github.com/forddyce/portfolio/). Database knowledge includes MySQL, Redis, and Mongo.

    Ever worked on a news site, e-commerce projects, and personal blogs.

    I usually work on hourly basis but I accept other kind of payment, can be discuss later.

    If you are interested, you can email be at forddyce92@gmail.com. Also got skype (ford.dye) but since I upgraded to ubuntu 15.04, my skype's broken so I can't answer anything from skype until I fixed it.

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    No doubt you have lot skills. You should create an account onto freelancing sites. lot's of jobs their for the right person. Try their.

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    Already did (freelancer.com, larajobs, etc), just add one here so people here can find me too

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    Try Upwork or easyoutsource. There are a lot of them there.

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