Tieka is a Dutch company expanding itís business to developing and marketing itís own SaaS-applications. These include games, add-ons and questionaires. The products will all be built in PHP and where possible we will be using Zend Framework. We need more hands in order to get all requirements finished on time.

What we are looking for especially are PHP programmers in Sophia, Bulgaria. If you are one of them and interested, then check out if you also meet these criteria:
- minimum of three years PHP experience
- experience with Zend Framework, preferably ZF2
- experience with APIís and webservices
- used to OO-programming
- used to use MVC-models
- used to jQuery, javascript, HTML5 and CSS3
- used to JSON and XML
- used to GIT for version management
- used to Jira for projectmanagement

If you are interested, please drop us a mail with your cv and your motivation to info(AT)tieka.nl