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Thread: What is Referral based cloaking ?

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    Post What is Referral based cloaking ?

    hello friends please tell me about Referral based cloaking & how many types of cloaking

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    There are 5 types of cloaking ...

    >>User Agent Cloaking (UA Cloaking)
    >>IP Agent Cloaking (IP Cloaking)
    >>IP and User Agent Cloaking (IPUA Cloaking)
    >>Referral based cloaking
    >>Session based cloaking
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    Cloaking= cloaking is a part of Black Hat Seo it is a technique create a two pages one is search engine and other pages to users.

    Different Types of Cloaking
    IP address Cloaking
    User-Agent Cloaking
    HTTP_REFERER Header Cloaking
    HTTP Accept-Language Header Cloaking
    JavaScript Cloaking

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    Thanks friends for your suggestion but one thing is missing i am asking about Referral based cloaking can you explain

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