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Thread: How can I deep link to a panel in a show/hide set up from another page?

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    How can I deep link to a panel in a show/hide set up from another page?

    Here is a short code example of the scenario:


    I need to be able to directly link from another page to one of the divs in the show/hide set up. So when the page loads, the div that was linked to (for example, #link2content) will be displayed. I've tried all I know and have looked everywhere for an answer. Is it even possible? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    You'll want to get the hash value.

    Let's say you pass in link1, link2, or link3 like this:


    You'd run some javascript to get the hash value of link1. Then you'd run your jQuery to click the link 1 action.

    // hashtag value is equal to link1
    hashtag = '#' hashtag; // adding the # to target the ID
    $(hashtag).click(); // same as $('#link1').click();
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    This was exactly right. I got it working. Thanks for the response!

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