I am having a issue with the mail function. Below is the Code that i am using
PHP Code:
while($row mysql_fetch_array($getinfo))
$subject ''.$_GET['Subject']."\n";
//// build message
$message 'To ALL,'."\n";
$message .= ''.$_GET['Comments']."\n\n\n\n";

$to $row['Email'];
//        echo $subject, "---", $message ,"---" ,$to;
//        echo "-----";
        // additional headers
$headers "From: email@yahoo.com\r\n";
$subject"---"$message ,"---" ,$to ,"--------------",$headers;

// send email

"Email is being sent---";

"------------------Email has been sent out----------------------"
The issue that i have is that when i put the $subject in the Mail it gives me the following error
Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Bad parameters to mail() function, mail not sent. in /home/content/83/11273183/html/Admin/EmailOut/emailout.php on line 65

When i do the echo this is what i get
help@yahoo.com ---This is test 8 ---To ALL, THis is a test8 --------------From: email@yahoo.com

Any idea why it dont work with $subject