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Thread: Cannot Open .oft file through link on html website

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    Question Cannot Open .oft file through link on html website

    I develope and manage an Intranet Site. I have been asked to put a link on the website (which is html based) to open an .oft (Outlook Item Template).

    This works and opens for me on the file server but once I copy it over to the website server, it will not open and gives me the following error:

    HTTP Error 404 - file or directory not found.

    Is there anyone that could help me figure out how to get this working?

    Thank you kindly

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    Does the website server have a way to access the file on the Intranet site? You'll probably have to upload the file to the web site server and provide a proper link to it. Whether the browser can open it depends on if it knows what program is associated with .oft extensions.

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