I have a few websites that I have developed mobile versions of the same website for. I have setup a simple PHP mobile detector, that redirects visitors from the desktop version of each site to the mobile version of each site. All works well, redirecting from Desktop to mobile.

My question is, how can I tell mobile web browsers where the desktop version of a site is?

For example, when I view one of my mobile sites within the Google Chrome browser on my Android phone, there is a menu option "Request Desktop Site". When I select this menu option for sites that are in a sub-directory of the main site, such as www.mysite.com/mobile, it easily forwards the user to the desktop version of the site.

However, if I try "Request Desktop Site" for a mobile site that is on a subdomain, such as http://m.mysite.com, Chrome can't seem to find the desktop version of the site.

Hope that makes sense?

Many thanks

Mr m