Hi all!

I am a specialist in head-hunting for very talented web developers with strong JavaScript knowledge who are looking for a new challenge. I specialise in permanent positions in the UK, primarily London.

I'm working with a large variety of clients ranging from heavily funded, rapidly growing start-up companies, to market leading giants who are looking to evolve even further. The positions I am working on vary in seniority & salary, from Mid-Senior level, 35K - 70K (plus benefits). The salary depends on the specific role and the successful candidate's skill level. All of my clients offer the opportunity to work in cool and modern environments whilst adopting agile methodologies.

If you're at all interested in finding out the finer details, which I hope you are, then it would be great to hear from you and receive a copy of your CV. (georgesimpson@hydrogengroup.com)

I really hope to speak to you soon.

Best wishes,

George Simpson
Hydrogen Group Limited