Hey guys so I'm in a need of some assistance, I am looking to make a mini site with some code. and what I wanted it to be is like the following

Date: Input Field
Phone Number: Input Field
Customer name: Input Field
email address: Input Field
issue: Input Field
results: Input Field


I then want to have a submit button under all this, and what I want to be able to do is have the submit button when pressed to open up a new tab with the information i just inputted saved, but also to be able to go back to the input field and add a second batch of information for another customer, so that no matter what i can keep saving into the same tab and see the results from all the submissions. this is idealy what i would like to begin with

This is the below code that i found

but i also would like the text aligned in the center but with the other text and the input boxes centered and aligned with each other

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HTML Code:

        <script type="text/javascript">

          function addtext()
             var fname = document.myform.first_name.value;
             var lname = document.myform.last_name.value;
             var email = document.myform.email.value;

             document.writeln("First Name    : " + fname);
             document.writeln("Last Name     : " + lname);
             document.writeln("Email Address : " + email);

<b>CONTACT US</b> <br></br>   
<form name="myform">

  <label for="first_name">Date </label>
  <input  type="text" name="first_name" maxlength="50" size="30">
  <label for="last_name">Last Name </label>
  <input  type="text" name="last_name" maxlength="50" size="30">
  <label for="email">Email Address</label>
  <input  type="text" name="email" maxlength="80" size="30">
  <input type="submit" value="Submit" onClick="addtext()">