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    Question Understanding Installations Better

    Hi all, I'm going to keep this as short as possible but I need someone to just point me in the right direction only.

    I installed Tomcat Webserver and Apache as I was told that Apache is very fast at serving static content (and I will have lots of images) while Tomcat is the application server. I also configured both of them to route 2 different domains and all is working perfectly. So far I have 2 folders in Tomcat/webapps, A and B and when I call www.A.com and www.B.com, Apache (running port 80) routes the request to Tomcat (running port 8080) and I can access the index.jsp files. So far so good...

    Now I want to install Prestashop which is a PHP Application and Tomcat only supports JSP by default.

    1. I know I need to install PHP, but I found a website saying that PHP in Tomcat is OLD and should not be used! What are my options?
    2. The confusion is that Apache is the one who receives the requests and passes them to Tomcat. If Prestashop is in Tomcat, how will Apache serve the static content/images?

    I feel like there is a missing step somewhere and I would be great-full if anyone would just explain this to me even in point form not to waste your time.


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    you should find that you can run PHP along with tomcat without any problems you just need to add to Apache interpreter and also tell it what extension you can use for example index.php

    it is a matter of opinion on what service is best, fastest, user-friendly. You will find many arguments for and against the use of Apache. You can find developer services that use Apache PHP and MySQL, amongst many other services that are available.

    as for your install, PHP should not present a problem because PHP is a service that is called to interpret pages that contain PHP script alongside HTML.

    My advice is that you go to PHP downloaded libraries install them and consult the Apache website on how to configure the server to use PHP.
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