This is what I want to match inside of a textarea:

" @"+any character to perform an autocomplete operation to find for users when the @ is called and a character is added next to it as the term.

this is the textarea

this is the js:
function strpos (haystack, needle, offset) {
   var i = (haystack + "").indexOf(needle, (offset || 0));
    return i === -1 ? false : i;

var dauto=function(){
if(strpos($(this).val(),"@ "+reg_exhere)!==false){
alert("match found");

Now I really don't know what to use as the regular expression in there, plus I don't know if using it in there would help as it would loose the look up for the @ before any character so the following string would return true:

" @ mystring"

as whereas I only need to find:

" @anycharacterhere"

Thanks so much.