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Thread: Automatic list of links

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    Automatic list of links

    Ok so right now I have a page it contains a list of links. These links all point to a file that is downloaded once clicked. The files are all located in the same directory. Basically I want to use some sort of script that will allow me to generate a list of links from the file names. As I find it kind of annoying to update the page everytime I create a new verison. Preferably in reverse alphabetical order. (They are all different versions of the same thing)

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    Use glob() function.
    PHP Code:

    $links "";
    // do some processing
    foreach( $files_in_directory as $selected_file){
    $name_of_file basename$selected_file );

    $links .= sprintf("<a href='%s'>%s</a><br />",$selected_file ,$name_of_file);

    Thats the rough basics of gathering a list of files in a directory and making links to follow.
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