I've stumbled across a little road block with this HTML form implementation task at work. Here's some background context to the problem I'm trying to fix.

Due to deadlines/time constraints/the usual lack of resourcing issues I had to settle with this very bad process of:
1. User accesses HTML form page containing their own system information
2. User updates some of the form field information data
3. User submits the form
4. The HTML form data is extracted to a local CSV file on the user's pc machine
5. User has to send that CSV file back to me so that I can import that information into a application that's only stored on my machine

Now... I acknowledge the fact that the above process is complex and down right bad practice all around, but nevertheless I now have some time to actually make it better. The question that I have is what are the possible options for saving a HTML Form data into a file that's sitting in the FTP server where that HTML file is sitting in? And is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!