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Thread: trouble with setInterval nested

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    Question trouble with setInterval nested

    i try to nest two setInterval like this:
    i'm using jquery, for load, but this doesn't matter, it's the same without jquery

    var aux=0;
    var handle = setInterval(function(){
    // do someting
    if(aux=10) {
    // do something more

    my problem is when i run this, the program hold on 3000 miliseconds, and after that, start to run normally
    and do all that needed do, but why happen this?, why hold on a time and after that run?


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    Why use JQuery?

    Far simpler to

    function innerFunc(){
    	aux = aux || 0; // if aux does not exist, set it
    	// do someting
    	if( ++aux > 9) clearInterval(handle);
    function outterFunc(){
    	var handle = setInterval("innerFunc()",2000);
    	// do something more
    outterHandle = setInterval("outterFunc()",3000);
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    First of all, I don't see why you need 2 intervals here.
    Second of all, your "if" expression has an assignment operator, not a comparator.

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