I will be buying a laptop (notebook/ultrabook) and would like your input:

1. Since 1080p laptops seem to be somewhat standard when it comes to real-estate in graphic design:
--> Do you feel like 1080p on 13" is subjectively too small to effectively work on?

2. For those that do their work on laptops:
--> Is 4 hours battery life (productivity, not idle) considered too short?

I am stuck in choices between something portable (13-14") and slim (and more expensive) with a longer battery life (5-6 hours productivity) ; or more powerful (quad-core) and heavy (5-6lbs) with a shorter battery life (3-4 hours productivity). I will be using Adobe programs, text editors for code. Perhaps a few of you would like to chime in. Ideally I'd like to know what kind of environment you use your laptop (park, coffeeshop, school) and your configuration, mainly the processor and graphics. Is dual-core + intel graphics enough for you, and if not, why? I appreciate your input !!

I will include some of the laptops I am considering. Looking to get 3-4 years of use out of it.

Sony VAIO Pro 13
13" touch IPS
Haswell i5-4200U Low Power(Dual Core, 1.6Ghz, 2.6Ghz Turbo)
HD 4400 Graphics
8GB RAM (max 8GB)
Standard battery - up to 12.5 hours
1.06 kg / 17 mm (2.34 lb / 0.68 in)
$1250 +tax

Acer V7-482PG-6662
14" touch Glossy IPS
Haswell i5-4200U Low Power (Dual Core, 1.6Ghz, 2.6Ghz Turbo)
Nvidia GT750M
8GB RAM (max 12GB)
500GB 5400RPM + 24GB SSD
4 Cell - up to 8 Hours (6-7 hours productivity)
2.10 kg / 23 mm (4.63 lb / 0.9 in)
$850 +tax

HP Envy Touchsmart 15-j000 Quad Edition
15" touch Glossy TN?/IPS?
Haswell i7-4700QM (Quad Core, 2.0Ghz, 3.2Ghz Turbo)
HD 4600 Graphics
Beats audio
8GB RAM (16GB max= +80$)
1TB 5400RPM
6 Cell - up to 9.5 hours
2.55 kg / 30 mm (5.62 lb / 1.18 in)
$1000 +tax

Lenovo Thinkpad T530
15.6" Matte TN (95% Gamut)
Ivy Bridge i7-3520M (Dual Core, 2.9Ghz, 3.6Ghz Turbo)
HD 4000 Graphics
8GB RAM (16/32GB max?)
6 Cell - up to 9 hours (9 Cell - up to 12 hours / up to 24 hours with 9 Cell + bottom battery slice <-adds a **** ton of weight)
2.52 kg / 35.5 mm (5.56 lb / 1.40 in)
$1000 +tax

Galago UltraPro (Clevo/Sager-based)
14.1" Matte IPS
Haswell i7-4750HQ (Quad Core, 2.0Ghz, 3.2Ghz Turbo)
HD 5200 Graphics
8GB RAM (16GB max= +90$)
500GB 5400RPM (swap my own 250GB SSD)
6 cell - up to 6 hours (4 hours productivity)
1.7 kg / 19 mm (3.8 lbs / 0.75 in)
Keyboard not backlit
$1050 + tax

Lenovo Ideapad Y510p
15.6" Glossy / Matte? TN
Haswell i7-4700QM (Quad Core, 2.0 Ghz, 3.2Ghz Turbo)
Nvidia GT750M + Intel HD 4600 power save
8GB RAM (16GB max)
1TB 5400RPM + 24GB SSD (as cache, can add on my own 250GB SSD via ultrabay, i.e. optical drive)
6 Cell - up to 5 hours (3-4 hours productivity on Intel graphics)
2.8 kg /39 mm (6.37 lbs / 1.41 in)
$950 +tax