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Thread: How its work Search Engine Optimization process?

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    Post How its work Search Engine Optimization process?

    To accomplish maximum experience in the search engines are keep your users happy you need to do both off-page and on-page SEO. In my opinion on-page is more important for better rankings

    Search Engine Optimization On-page

    To allow online success of your website, appropriate on-page optimization and off-page optimization method are utilized. To obtain high ranking in SERPs, below mentioned SEO techniques can be used:-

    On-Page SEO Techniques

    The on-page SEO method starts with pick up relevant keywords with through research and analysis online. After that below mentioned on page SEO efforts are implemented on the website:-

    • Execute Meta Description Tags with 65 -70 character
    • H1/H2/H3 Tags implementation on important headings in the website.
    • Implementing alternative texts to links and images.
    • Giving links to important keywords in the internal pages of the website.
    • Optimizing URL structure and making it search engine friendly.
    • Revamping the content and ensuring that it is of high quality.
    • Checking keywords density in the content of the website and implementing keywords if required in the content.
    • Creating Google sitemaps and sitemaps for other search engines.
    • Making the website user-friendly.

    Off-Page SEO Techniques

    Off-page optimization is extremely vital as far as accomplish high ranking in search engines is concerned. Ensure that your SEO Company outfit the following SEO efforts then only your website will be able to rank high in search engines and attract relevant traffic.

    • Website is submitted in different search engines manually
    • Directories Submission manually
    • Articles appropriate to your business including targeted keywords are written and submitted to a range of search engines.
    • The news correlated to your company and brand is involved in a Press Release and then the document is submitted in different Press Release directories.
    • Blog Submission with high Rankings like wordpress.com, blogspot.com, tumblr.com etc
    • Website is submitted in a range of social bookmarking websites.
    • Forum posting is done to build the website popular.
    • Classified Submission
    • Web 2.0 Submission with high rankings websites
    • Guest Blogging which is very important factor in current Google algorithms
    • Infographic Submission very important
    • Submitting RSS feed in different RSS directories.
    • Website is submitted in various high PR websites in an efficient and systematic way in order to generate high quality back links.

    Thus, before choose a Search Engine Optimization Company, Ensure that they include all the above website optimization techniques in the SEO strategy for your website and they are aware of all latest Google algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin update.

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    Thanks for your detailed article on SEO.

    I would say, SEO is nothing but understanding algorithm of search engines, once you understand it, it would become easy for you.
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    This was really a great article about SEO. Many new learner can learn many things from this.
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    This is really a good overview about SEO process. Knowledge on Google algorithm is most essential factor in SEO. Now Google changes algorithm frequently. As a result SEO process is getting complicated day by day.

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