Dear Web Developers

There is a boom of travelling from Asian states due to the high growth of middle class. I have an idea to develop a travel site that can assist travellers on their tour bookings, while giving other people an opportunity to earn money at the same time.

Despite a sharp increase in travel sites on the internet, such as travel buddies, home restaurants, couch surfing, so on and so forth, many of them seem to address the westerners' needs when it comes to travelling, and do not address the Asian needs instead.

First of all, it is not wrong to say that different people of different cultures have very different needs. For example, the Muslims have certain requirements for their meals, the Chinese have a knack for quality, the Koreans travel with their sauces, so on and so forth.

What I wish to do here, is to develop a site for this growing market, and grow off from the booming market.

Unfortunately, I have only experience in the travel trade, but not in the web development trade, therefore there are a lot of technicalities that I need help from. If anyone is willing to partner with me, please email me at, so that we can work things out altogether.

This is all that I will reveal for now. To find out more, I would need to go into a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with you, so that you can decide whether you want to work with me.

Thank you!~