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Thread: Copy form to Clipboard

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    Copy form to Clipboard

    I would like to create a form to be filled out that asks for

    Question 1

    Question 2

    Question 3

    Question 4

    Question 5

    Question 6

    Question 7

    Question 8

    Question 9

    I would like to be able to just fill out a form that asks these questions and than click copy, so I can easily paste the completed information. Preferably I would like it to display in a table with questions on left and answers on the right. I know that this is possible through HTML and maybe easier through Javascript. It has been years since I have tried to do something like this and I could really use some help.


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    You can't do anything like what you describe with HTML alone. You'll need some JavaScript. Traditionally, JavaScript has not had access to the user's clipboard, although Internet Explorer has allowed some access. But you'll have to provide a listing of the form's HTML in order for anyone to provide you with even the beginnings of the JavaScript required. So post your code or a link to a test page.
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    Ok here is what I have right now, I have no idea how to copy all of the information though and I guess that is where I need to use Javascript. Everyone here has to use IE 8.

    Customer Name: <input type="text" name="custname"><br>
    Account Number: <input type="text" name="account"><br>
    Job #: <input type="text" name="job"><br>
    Address: <input type="text" name="address"><br>
    Customer Contact #: <input type="text" name="contact"><br>
    Desired Appt Date: <input type="text" name="date"><br>
    Desired Time AM or PM:<br> <input type="radio" name="time" 
    <input type="radio" name="time" value="pm">PM<br>
    Rep Name and Location: <input type="text" name="repname"><br>
    Supervisor Name: <input type="text" name="supname"><br>
    <BUTTON onClick="ClipBoard();">Copy to Clipboard</BUTTON>

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    can anyone help me with this? I have used several similar simple programs at other jobs, I have worked. I know it is possible I just do not know how.

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    Could you explain a little more about what you are trying to do?

    Here is what I am picturing so far:

    users go online,
    they fill in a form,
    the form is emailed to you,
    you would like to copy and paste the body of the email into some other application.

    Is this correct?
    If so, yes, you would need more than basic HTML.
    JavaScript and PHP would both work to create forms that could send the data to you in the desired format. They are what is used to create the Contact forms you often see on websites; you would just need to change the fields.

    Or perhaps you could use a free online survey service (like Survey Monkey), change the fields, and accomplish your purpose that way.

    Or you could post a PDF, Word, or plaintext version of the questionnaire on the site and ask users to email it to you. Then copy and paste the content you want.

    (Or are you trying to keep your email address hidden?)

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