i make my own psd design to train on,
i always get problem in the differents in resolution [ 1280 x 1024 and higher]
my screen is 1280 x 1024 when i use position relative it not work in higher resolution
the same is padding margin ,

this is my psd design:


i really dont know how to make the background is really hard;
my background is this:

background-color: #d02c2c;
height: 167px;
width: 1280px;

background-color: #f18484;
height: 472px;
width: 100%;

background-color: #f2ea62;
height: 274px;
width: 1280px;

background-color: #1be6d6;
height: 110px;
width: 1280px;

how i make this backgrounds to all resolutions?