Its been a year since I started learning PHP.
And I'm feeling excited to go for a big project.
So, I've decided to code a forum CMS right from scratch. I'll be a simple one. I'll be using these tools and concepts :
  • Simple PHP
  • jQuery
  • PHPass
  • PHP Active Record ORM
  • Twig Template Engine
  • Geshi Syntax Highlighter(for code syntax highlighting)
  • PDO

So, all I need is some suggestions if I should change or remove or add any tools here.
Any tips you'd like to give on how to proceed.
Any features you'd like to suggest me to add in the CMS.

I'm not using a framework as I dont have experience of using any and it'll take me too much time to learn to use one..

I'll also be taking some ideas and concepts from existing ones like myBB, IPB, vBulletin, SMF, etc especially for DBMS..

Any tips, you're welcome...