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Thread: How Should, I spend my money on business.

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    How Should, I spend my money on business.

    Well How do i know what customer need and market requirement.I want to know all your opinions. Please share your opinions with me.

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    Not sure if you're kidding or not

    Should you maybe tell us a little about your business?
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    A little more information, please.

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    First of all, you should have knowledge about what you are doing in your business, if you are buying services and other stuffs then you should have ability to price, this thing would help a lot in spending money wisely and getting most out of them.
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    If you have any Idea onwhat kind of service or product you want to work with then search for that in the local market and internet otherwise go to your local market and internet and search for market trends and keep in mind how much you can afford to invest

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