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Thread: Tabbed Navigation - Stacked Divs?

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    Tabbed Navigation - Stacked Divs?

    I'm super new in web dev which explains why I'm asking this question.
    I'm self-learning and this book is making no sense to me.

    Is it possible to create a tabbed navigation with stacked divs on top of each other. Then calling on them with z-index? I don't want to refresh the entire page when the user navigates from one tab to another.

    Any sort of guidance is welcome. Even totally unrelated ones. Thanks.

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    Yes, it's possible. It isn't even terribly difficult. It will require some JavaScript and a firm grasp of absolute positioning. My advice would be to construct the page so that you can make any tab appear front-most by simply changing the stylesheet. Then come back here and show us your work and we'll help you with the JavaScript.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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