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Thread: project for new job plz look

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    Lightbulb project for new job plz look

    Hey all great site i have been reading through to find a answer to my problem but cant find one. I was hoping one of u could help me. I just got a new job and the training is still in beta i was wanting to help the new ones training with a simple htlm or jave page with the ips for the store computer its an it job and were service a Big company with alot of ip's and we have a formula to find the static ip but i was hoping it could be automated with a few drop-down menu selections. let me try to give you guys an example

    the basic formula is...
    stores 1-199 static ip are 10.101.xx.xx
    stores 200-299 static ip is 10.102.xx.xx
    the first 2 .xx are going to be the last 2 numbers of the store# exp=store 234 calls for ip=10.102.34.xx
    the last .xx would be the device there calling about exp= calling about office pc so office pc is always 5 so full ip would be exp=

    i would like this in a forum were u could

    select dropdown store first half preset= 10.102
    then type in the store munber= 234
    then device =office pc 5
    ext box with it put together

    any help would be great

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    The prefix "10.10" is a constant, so there is no need to input/select it. But there is a problem. You have 199 branches (1-199) coded in two digits "xx". That's a neat trick.

    Please clarify.

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    well we have more than 199 branches we have over 1800

    but the trick to it is if store 234 call i know to pick first part 10.10[2.34].5

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    This example is no definitive enough, because it does not specify how branch numbers under 10, under 100, 300 to 999 and 1000+ are encoded. E.g. Is on office pc on:

    branch 1 =
    branch 12 =
    branch 100 -
    branch 345 =
    branch 1234 =

    If so there are issues to be aware of when coding it:

    a) Do branches 1 to 9 have leading zeros? E.g. ( is an invalid IP address Should it be
    b) The same with branches n00 to n09 and nn00 to nn09. E.g. 100 to 109 and 1200 to 1209.
    c) Most of these examples do not fit in the range 10.101.xx.xx to 10.102.xx.xx that you specified.
    d) Branches 1000+ do not fit in the range 10.10x.xx.xx at all.

    I.e. The range you specified only accommodates branches 110 to 199 and 210 to 299. Please clarify how the rest are encoded.

    Also. do you realize that this encoding only supports ONE office PC per branch!!! What if they have 2 or more!!! And even if they have only one at the moment, is that set in stone? Should you design a system that is incapable of accommodating multiples?
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