Hey all great site i have been reading through to find a answer to my problem but cant find one. I was hoping one of u could help me. I just got a new job and the training is still in beta i was wanting to help the new ones training with a simple htlm or jave page with the ips for the store computer its an it job and were service a Big company with alot of ip's and we have a formula to find the static ip but i was hoping it could be automated with a few drop-down menu selections. let me try to give you guys an example

the basic formula is...
stores 1-199 static ip are 10.101.xx.xx
stores 200-299 static ip is 10.102.xx.xx
the first 2 .xx are going to be the last 2 numbers of the store# exp=store 234 calls for ip=10.102.34.xx
the last .xx would be the device there calling about exp= calling about office pc so office pc is always 5 so full ip would be exp=

i would like this in a forum were u could

select dropdown store first half preset= 10.102
then type in the store munber= 234
then device =office pc 5
ext box with it put together

any help would be great