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Thread: Changing Wordpress post title sizes

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    Changing Wordpress post title sizes

    Not sure where else this would be relevant, so here goes.

    I'm wanting to create a "news" type front page to my blog, with different sized post titles.

    Essentially, on the home page I only want to display the last 3 blog entries, with the most recent having the larger title.
    How would I go about doing this, as all of the post titles are h2 I believe? Does anyone know?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mattwm View Post
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    How would I go about doing this,
    . . .
    When you say "this", do you mean restricting the number of blog posts displayed, or changing the font size?

    To restrict the number of posts displayed to 3, you could edit the PHP code of the page for that section.

    To change the size of the most recent post, you would have to edit the CSS style sheet. Perhaps create a special style for that particular element, and then on the PHP page that contains that element, wrap it in the new style you just created.

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    On Wordpress, you can easily show how many posts you want to show on home page.

    When you login in Wordpress control panel (dash board), you can see the option under reading, it may be under setting.
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