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Thread: help with calculation and form please

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    help with calculation and form please

    I'm a student taking my first web design course and we just started javascript. I have to write a code in javascript that adds the total prices of 3 items according to their quantity and then write a form for the name, address, tel #, credit card etc.. (not using spry).
    I searched online and came up with one that works correctly but my professor says that it should be very short and does not use spry elements. Can someone please help me.
    Here is the info below

    Outdoor supplies:

    1. kayak $775.00 1
    2. dry bag $15.00 2
    3. helmet $50.00 1

    There should be a subtotal based on the quantity of items.

    Then there should be a form with name, address, credit card # etc

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    You should start off with showing us your work so far, how else would we help you without doing your homework.

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