Hello everyone

I have a website with a drop down menu (navigation bar) in CSS code.

I also have a large jpeg file.

Using the <MAP> object in HTML source code I have allocated certain areas of a large jpeg file - which visually is below the navigation bar in the HTML page when executed by the browser - various URLs as hyperlinks (a href).

What I was hoping to do is insert code into my html source code, similar to a CSS 'mouse hover' event.

When the user moves the mouse pointer over one of the hyperlinks on the JPEG image, I want the surrounding area on the JPEG immediately outside the <MAP> object hyperlink to have a coloured border. In effect to highlight the hyperlink upon 'mouse hover event'

Each caption name of the JPEG hyperlink has its exact caption-matched name on the navigation bar. Is it also possible to have a coloured border highlight the navigation bar name when mouse pointer is hovering over its related caption name <MAP> object hyperlink on JPEG.

I would be grateful for any help I could receive.