Hi Everyone.

I have recently started learning HTML and CSS for web development but as always self learning has always been tough. So i thought of asking for some help in this forum.

Firstly i would just want to know that what are the best resources to learn HTML and CSS, that is websites, pdf, ebooks, videos, articles, blog etc etc.

Secondly, I have gathered some knowledge of the basic HTML and CSS tags and now I want to test my learning via building some basic 1column or two column websites, nothing fancy, simple plain website, just to grasp the basic concepts of Div, Floats, Display, Links, Navigation. So where can i get articles which will help me learn building a simply layout or any idea and tips on that will be highly appreciated.

Once i am done with this, what will be my next step towards learning advanced web development, that is i heard about Static and Responsive layouts. So how should i approach developing a Static website via HTML/CSS and after getting a through understanding of static layout, how should i approach developing a responsive layout?

I know its a lot to ask for in the first post itself but ,any tips ideas will be really helpful for a newbie / beginner like me.

Thanks in advance