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Thread: PHP Flat File .txt Issue "Social Networking Site"

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    PHP Flat File .txt Issue "Social Networking Site"

    Ok I am only having one problem. Here is the code:

    $myfile = "bio.txt";
    if (isset($_POST['ta'])) {
    $newData = nl2br(htmlspecialchars($_POST['ta']));
    $handle = fopen($myfile, "w");
    fwrite($handle, $newData);

    This is the main line I'm having an issue with: " $myfile = "bio.txt"; "

    I would like to automatically add this "bio.txt" file in the folder of the current logged in user.

    For example, It works if I do it this way: " $myfile = "user/johndoe/bio.txt"; "
    " $myfile = "user/greg/bio.txt"; "
    " $myfile = "user/tammy/bio.txt"; "

    What I want is something like this " $myfile = "user/$u/bio.txt"; or " $myfile = "user/$username/bio.txt"; " but neither of those work. I need this one line to auto detect the user who is logged in so when that user updates his/her "Biography" section it will automatically edit and read their "bio.txt" which is in their user folder along with their pics, vids, mp3s, and other files.

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    Well, you don't show us anything regarding a login, but if you want to know who the user is, you have to ask them, no? Once you do that, then you can capture the name and save it and use it just as you proposed above.

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    Why not use a SQLite database if you don't want to use a SQL database?
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