Ok I am only having one problem. Here is the code:

$myfile = "bio.txt";
if (isset($_POST['ta'])) {
$newData = nl2br(htmlspecialchars($_POST['ta']));
$handle = fopen($myfile, "w");
fwrite($handle, $newData);

This is the main line I'm having an issue with: " $myfile = "bio.txt"; "

I would like to automatically add this "bio.txt" file in the folder of the current logged in user.

For example, It works if I do it this way: " $myfile = "user/johndoe/bio.txt"; "
" $myfile = "user/greg/bio.txt"; "
" $myfile = "user/tammy/bio.txt"; "

What I want is something like this " $myfile = "user/$u/bio.txt"; or " $myfile = "user/$username/bio.txt"; " but neither of those work. I need this one line to auto detect the user who is logged in so when that user updates his/her "Biography" section it will automatically edit and read their "bio.txt" which is in their user folder along with their pics, vids, mp3s, and other files.