This seems to be pretty basic but I cannot get it exactly the way I want it. Note: I have been looking for 4 days on how to resolve this.


I created a form to be used on my work intranet (ie7 / Outlook) which will email the form textarea answers to the specified email address via Mailto (plain/text) and I want to add a carriage return after each text area on submit.


This is for a staff quiz page (no access to php on this server so using mailto), and the text is too cramped when sent by the email. I want to add spacers between each question response.

What I have working:

This works but only on the textarea with ID = A1 and I have it as an onchange event. My form does not have a submit button (sent via another script) so I also not sure how to execure onSubmit.


function DisplayEvent(eventName){   

  var myMessage = window.document.frm.a1.value;   

  myMessage = myMessage + eventName;   

  window.document.frm.a1.value = myMessage;


Much appreciate any help you can give.

Here is a stripped down example of my form (note: i added in the submit button for the example)

<FORM NAME="mailer" id="frm" METHOD="post" ACTION="" ENCTYPE="text/plain" onSubmit="(document.mailer.action += mailtoandsubject)" >

To Mail:<input  type="text" NAME="mailtoperson" onChange="msg(this.form)"  /><BR />

  <INPUT TYPE="hidden" SIZE=45 NAME="Enter Quiz Title Here" onChange="msg(this.form)" />                             

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" SIZE=45 NAME="subject" value="Enter Quiz Title Here - hidden" onChange="msg(this.form)" /> 



    Q1: <textarea name="1" id="styled" cols="22" rows="5"></textarea><br/>

    Q2: <textarea name="2" id="styled" cols="22" rows="5" ></textarea><br/>

    Q3: <textarea name="3" id="styled" cols="22" rows="5" ></textarea><br/>


<input type="submit">



  <script type="text/javascript"> 

                function msg() {

                document.mailer.action = "mailto:"

                mailtoandsubject = ( ( document.mailer.mailtoperson.value) + '?subject=' + document.mailer.subject.value );