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Thread: Best type of permalinks?

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    Best type of permalinks?

    So, there are three types of URLS :
    1. http://site.com/topicdisplay.php?tid=10
    2. http://site.com/topic-10
    3. http://site.com/topic-linux

    Out of the three, I'm sure the last one i.e. http://site.com/topic-linux would be the best for SEO.

    My question is, for ease of development, if I add the forum id along with the URL like this : http://site.com/topic-linux-10 , will it have any adverse effect on the SEO??

    Ease of development means, for example, if I have a topic URL like this : http://site.com/topic-hello
    Since it is a common topic title, we'll be needing to use http://site.com/topic-hello-1 in the next so, why not use the topic id itself??

    Any adverse effect?
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