Hello Sir.
I am trying to convert the MYSQL data into XML using the following code :

// database constants
// make sure the information is correct
define("DB_SERVER", "localhost");
define("DB_USER", "root");
define("DB_PASS", "");
define("DB_NAME", "walid");
// connection to the database
$dbhandle = mysql_connect(DB_SERVER, DB_USER, DB_PASS)
or die("Unable to connect to MySQL");

// select a database to work with
$selected = mysql_select_db(DB_NAME, $dbhandle)
or die("Could not select the database");

// return all available tables
$result_tbl = mysql_query( "SHOW TABLES FROM ".DB_NAME, $dbhandle );

$tables = array();
while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result_tbl)) {
$tables[] = $row[0];

$output = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?>\n";
$output .="<tables>\n";
// iterate over each table and return the fields for each table
foreach ( $tables as $table ) {
$output .= "<table name=\"$table\">\n";
$result_fld = mysql_query( "SHOW FIELDS FROM ".$table, $dbhandle );

while( $row1 = mysql_fetch_row($result_fld) ) {
$output .= "<field name=\"$row1[0]\" type=\"$row1[1]\"";
$output .= ($row1[3] == "PRI") ? " primary_key=\"yes\" />\n" : " />\n";

$output .= "</table>\n";
$output .="</tables>\n";

// tell the browser what kind of file is come in
header("Content-type: xml");

echo $output;

$handle = fopen("MyXML.xml", "w") or die("unable to create file");
file_put_contents("MyXML.xml", $output);

// close the connection

Sir , I have 2 questions :

how can i update the code in order to show the content of the data in MYSQL ? This code is only showing the table and fields name and the fields types.

How i can update the code in order to show the foreign key and relation between tables ?
It is Showing only the primary key .

Help Please.
Thank you