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    How to get????

    I want to know about your strategy to get good ranking on Google.
    Is it possible to get ranked on first page of Google??
    If it is possible then how????

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    Google looks at 3 things:
    1.) On page keyword density.
    - Name images using keywords and use alt tags
    - Use keywords in H1, H2, H3... etc. tags
    - Do your keyword research and use them in your site.
    2.) Backlinks. The more backlinks you have from related sites, the better
    3.) Dynamic pages. The more often your site is updated, the more up-to-date and fresh the content appears to be.

    Some other helpful factors... age of domain, permalinks with keywords, keywords in domain, validated pages, fast loading pages that use sprites instead of a million little images... etc.

    That's it. The devil is in the details.

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    Thanks for such sharing Donatello.....

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    What donatello says is right, but that is not all...

    1. The nabe of your site needs to be:
    - relevant to the content.
    - little used by others.
    - hopefully - something that people interested in the topic/service would search on.

    E.g. My site titled "relativity myths and ideas" is named "relativity-myths.org.uk", and not surprisingly is about myths about the theory of relativity. It is no.1 in searches for "relativity myths" (on Google at least).

    2. The content is original, and aimed at non-specialist readers, but backed up by copious references to wikipedia etc...

    3. If you are not original and different from everyone else (and many sites cannot be by the nature if the content or service they relate to), then you need footfall to climb the rankings. But how do you get footfall if you are not already on the first page??? It is a lot easier iif your site is original and different.

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