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Thread: Ideas on how to display

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    Ideas on how to display

    First off, hello everyone!

    I have a personal website I built for my fishing club and have a few questions regarding how I should display the tournament scores.

    Currently I am using the <table> feature which is time consuming and makes me look bad when I don't add up the scores correctly. I was thinking about either displaying an excel worksheet on the site that is auto updated when I update the original worksheet, or possibly using ODBC. I have never done either but have researched a ton.

    What are your thoughts on how I should display the scores?

    Thanks for any feedback

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    Myself, I would most likely keep the scores in raw XML and then link it to an XSLT stylesheet that generates the web page. You can transform the XML on your desktop and then upload the resultant HTML, or you could do the transformation server-side in real time or you could just serve the XML and the XSLT and let the users browser put them together. You could even do some request header sniffing and send it which ever way works best for the user. See http://www.w3schools.com/xsl/default.asp .
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