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Thread: Local PHP Advice Please

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    Local PHP Advice Please

    Hello All,

    Been playing around with C# for a while now but just cannot get away from years of HTML and CSS just love it, so gone back to it.

    Been thinking about running a local server setup so I can use PHP etc. (Never used PHP before, looking forward to learning it).

    I have an old windows XP laptop that does not connect to the internet (shame to waste it).

    Can I set it up to run a local php site. I would want to pull and add data on a daily basis using php for the front end.

    If so suggestions on software needs would be much appreciated.


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    Easiest way is to use one of the installers that set up an Apache/PHP/MySQL environment. I like Wampserver for Windows, other prefer XAMPP (which also supports other non-windows platforms), and there are 1 or 2 other fairly popular options.
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    Thanks for the reply NogDog,
    Can one of these setups be used on a permanent basis or just for development?


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    Development only.

    you are advised that any development would benefit from copying the environment your development will sit on.

    for example, on my host server its Linux and my site path is


    and my local machine is a windows machine and I set up a path that mimicked that path


    I did have a Linux PC but stopped using it for several reasons, the most annoying one being that the Apache server was very cranky and I got that hacked off with it I ditched the whole setup and have had to recently ditch the XAMPP set up because it has been nannied in to oblivion and getting help wasn't forthcoming so I set up Abyss Web Server and installed PHP which works a treat.
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