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Thread: What would attract you to invest your sweat equity? Need help on this guys!

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    What would attract you to invest your sweat equity? Need help on this guys!

    I have this great idea I've been working on it for a few years. In fact I've completed it. There is a huge amount of potential in this one, but sadly I have no money to pay for a quality developer/designer and I know it would cost in the region of 10-15 to complete, at least.

    Without trying to sell it, I just want to know, as a developer what would attract you to a project where you had to invest your sweat equity to that amount, and what would put you off that idea?

    I'd really appreciate anyone's wisdom on this, as I am totally knew to the techy world of programming and designing. Hope I can get some feedback.

    Thanks J

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    What would attract me would be:

    1. Belief in the potential of the product.

    2. Belief in your competence as the owner/entrepreneur. Even great products generally need an entrepreneur to direct their genesis and growth.

    3. Do you know what skill set is needed? I.e. Do you need a developer or a designer, or both? What specific skills/experience is needed? For example: I'm a developer not a designer, and I have some experience building responsive sites from scratch, using HTML, CSS and PHP. But not JavaScript nor using CMS (content management systems). Is that the type of skill set needed?

    4. Do you know the scale of the development and maintenance work required? Some types of sites need a development team to support them. They are beyond the capacity of a lone developer. So I'd need to know that I was not "biting off more than I could chew".

    I hope that these comments are helpful.
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    I think I understand your idea and I must say its a good one

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    Thanks there Jedaisoul. I actually removed a lot stuff for fear of being too unconventional in my approach, despite the fact that I got quite a good response last year when I first advertised this.

    Very sound points so I'm including a few more stats and facts about the market and of course me.


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    Thanks. So what makes you say that? Maybe you'd like to invest ;-)

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    Yeah, Exactly..
    I like your idea.

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