Heya guys, I've created a new link shortening service (Yeah I know, there are hundreds of others), it's still in development and I've tried to keep it as simple and clean as possible, I've only used a clear and crisp font, and a fresh colour scheme. I'm currently developing a account/dashboard feature so that you can keep track of links and so on. It's based on a open API which I've designed, this uses ASP and C# as the backend in collaboration with both a MS SQL database and a Redis key-value database. I've choose Redis because it has a auto expire feature which is great for keeping track of API rate limiting, someone makes a request, it adds them to the database and it auto expires within a hour and therefore there limit has in theory reset.

The site is www.linkk.co

What are your thoughts on it? And what sort of features would you want added in the future? Anything that you want to see that other link shortening services don't provide?