Please look at and at the code. I'm trying to help a friend with his website from 3000 miles away and I'm way over my head.

The 2 paintings at the top of the main page are almost touching. He wants them to be 100-150 px apart, but doesn't know how to do this, and neither do I. Help, please.

Also, my friend created the site years ago, all by himself, and certainly did not write the code that appears in lines 2-317, 319-339, and 344-350. The only possibility I can think of is his web hoster, but he seems reluctant to ask them about it. In addition, neither of us understands this code, so we decided to remark it out. I have many questions about this code, especially all those "mso"s -- MsoNormalTable, mso-cellspacing, mso-header-margin, etc. What is mso?