This might be a pretty straight forward question to someone who knows openEMR. I am trying to connect openEMR 4.1.1 to send tests and receive Lab Results from our contracted laboratory. Under Administration -> Globals -> Connectors there is an option 'Lab Exchange Results' but it doesn't do anything.


In code I can see there is a module to read HL7 directly into openEMR but don't know what configurations I need to provide to make it work.

What I have tried

Of Course, I have googled and surfed through dozens of articles but nothing directing clearly what I need to do or I am not able to get it.

Information I can provide

Apart from problem statement, I am attaching a configuration area screenshot and if someone can help me setting that up OR even tell me how I can make openEMR interface with my laboratory using HL7, I'll really appreciate that.