Commission.me site:

We own the premium .ME domain name, www.commission.me (Commission Me), and we need a web developer for collaboration to build a website for free, and share in the profits from the potential sale of the website.

We have a good idea for a site and want Commission.me to be built in the spirit of the .ME website: www.Threewords.me. Threewords.me is a site built by a teenager who went on to sell the site for a reported 6, 7 or 8 figure sum ($100,000+, $1,000,000+, or $10,000,000+ sum) in 2008.

Price Guide:

www.meet.me, just the domain name and no site, sold for $450,000 in 2011 by .ME domain name investor.

www.about.me website sold for $10 Million in 2008 while still in Beta mode. The owner of About.me ran his site for
2-3 weeks and then received an unsolicited offer from technology investors for $10 million. He continued to run the site for a few more weeks before handing over the site to the new owners.

Location, Location, Location:

Its all about domain, domain, domain and if you have a good name then you generally will get technology investors interested to buy your website. We have Commission.me, good name for an art or commission website or business. Commission.me is a hack domain that spells out a phrase i.e. "Commission Me." and therefore is very valuable.

Profit Share:

We are prepared to split the profit 70%-30% to us.


We'll use your name servers as security for you.

Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.