(20 pts) Write an XHTML document that uses text boxes (with appropriate labels) to collect the following information from a student:
 first name (consisting of 2-20 letters, upper or lower case)  last name (consisting of 2-20 letters, upper or lower case)  initial (exactly one letter, upper or lower case)  M number (uppercase M followed by exactly 8 digits)
There will also be a submit button. When this button is clicked, do appropriate validation on the fields using JavaScript, producing a specific message for the user in an alert window if any field does not validate. If a field is not valid, set the focus to the text box and select its text. If there are multiple invalid fields, you only have to produce a message for one of them. You must use pattern matching appropriately. If all text validates, print an appropriate message acknowledging that validation was successful with the form data included in the message