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Thread: Using shadowbox js, how can I create a gallery thumbnails with captions under

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    Using shadowbox js, how can I create a gallery thumbnails with captions under

    Decided to use shadowbox.js for images, seems to be the one more compatible with browsers,but there are two issues, one is that the "title" option for each img src leaves a tag if there is a thumbnail which does not look good for the page.

    Second I made manually thumbnails for each of these images for shadowbox.js on the page but the space between each thumbnail is too small and without any caption under so I think it's definately not the way to do it.I've looked in shadowbox 's website but couldn't find an option to add gallery of thumbnail.

    Is there a way to make a gallery thumbnails on the page with caption under each one and each img is nicely spaced out like a grid and once the user clicks on a thumbnail the shadowbox is initialised.

    All I know that div and the function in shadowbox.js needs to be changed ,also the css style within the page but don't have a clue how.

    please help

    like i said in the previous threads I posted ,it's for an artistic website so those images are based on paintings and the page and this is the major point of the whole website,the presentation is extremely important , I would deeply appreciate if anyone can help me.

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    found the solution for the gallery but still don't know the extra code for the captions under thumbnail.

    The only option shadowbox provides is adding title when is initialized after pressing a thumbnail on the big screen but the tags are shown as well when you put the mouse over the thumbs and it's ugly. Is there a way to remove this tag but leaving the title when the image is clicked onto the big screen?

    come on someone help me please, everyone is looking my post but nobody is answering only one person in hundreds answered another thread I wrote, but after that there are two threads including this one with no help at all.

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    well if I would wait for a response , I might as well wait for months, found the solution,done! que aprendéis ayudar la gente adios!

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    every time i see such stories i think the same: why people don't ask these questions to the plugin developers?
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