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Thread: Craigslist's Programming Language?

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    Craigslist's Programming Language?

    Hi, friends!

    Can anyone please tell me what programming language is Craigslist written in? Whenever I click on an ad on Craigslist, its url ends with .html. How is that possible? If you create an add on Craigslist, you're basically adding information to a database (i.e. MySQL) and when someone views your ad, it's basically fetching from database. I think Craigslist is written in PHP, but why all the ads have a .html url?

    Really confused....

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    See "about".

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    What MP said.
    But, if you're interested in YOUR php files showing in the address bar as html, I read a long time ago that you can do exactly that (choose to change what extensions are shown as what to your visitors in the address bar) in htaccess. Google for it. As I remember, the settings were pretty simple to change.

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    Note that Apache (and probably most any other web server) can be configured to process any file extension as whatever application type you desire. If you wanted to for some reason, you could configure your site to process files with ".asp" suffixes as PHP files (maybe to throw off people trying to figure out how you programmed your site?).
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